Your all-in-one
HR Partner

HR Software
Modular HR software
tailored to your organization

  • Personnel administration
  • Payroll
  • Training management
  • Performance management
  • Workforce and budget report management
  • Document management
  • Interfaces for data exchange
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Payroll services

An all-in-one HR
service provider & social secretariat

  • Popay.payroll: in-house payroll system with custom support
  • Social Secretariat: We help you set up our partner Sodalis
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Software &
system integration

Popay can help you with:

  • System implementation
  • System integration
  • Interfacing (f.e. to social secretariat)
  • HR software advice
  • HR solutions
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Looking for a partner

…operating globally?

POPAY combines international presence with the accessibility and the personalized service of your local boutique.

…keeping its promises?

POPAY does not have a separate sales & business development department. The person listening to your requirements and discussing solutions with you has the technical know-how ànd will be responsible to put into action what has been promised. We only promise what we can deliver. And we will.

…specialized in hr?

Most experts at POPAY have started their career either working in an HR department or for one of the big ERP system integrators or software vendors. By focusing on HR, we build a unique combination of understanding of the business and mastery of the HR applications. It enables us to dig deeper into the functionality and ensure you get the most of your HR system.

…organized to efficiently tackle your challenges?

POPAY has more than 15 years of HR & Payroll experience. The team presented to you will be dedicated to your project. All team members will be chosen specifically to meet all your requirements.

…communicating transparently & to-the-point?

At POPAY, we believe that direct and transparent communication channels lead to stronger and more rewarding relationships. Therefore, one dedicated POPAY contact person takes care of all your affairs throughout the whole implementation cycle and beyond.

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Our software offers connectivity with other systems that leads to sustainable partners.


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