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Global Payroll Interface: the link between Oracle HCM Cloud and your payroll provider

“Glocal” is the word that best describes the endeavor of a lot of companies when facing a global roll out of any HCM solution, like f.ex. a Global Payroll Interface. Streamlining your global payroll processes can result in the pitfall of creating all kinds of small interfaces and reports to the various payroll providers in different countries.

This challenge for ‘glocalization’ needs a global vision and a local approach, which requires a broad functional and technical expertise and experience in payroll systems and processes.

Global Payroll Interface

Also, companies that choose Oracle HCM Cloud will face the requirement of local compliance. The Global Payroll Interface (GPI), part of the standard Oracle HCM Cloud Core HR offering, is a packaged solution which allows you to unify and simplify this integration. The Global Payroll interface allows you to set up and manage multiple bi-directional interfaces to your local payroll providers. The same payroll extract is used across the global organization, considering the specifics per legal entity or country. The output format can be configured per specification of your local payroll provider to process the output correctly.

The calculated payroll results can be fed back from your local provider to Oracle HCM Cloud for reporting purposes and the payslips can be made available to your employees via self-service.

What is the role of Popay as a ‘glocal’ HR partner?

Belgium as a small country has a fragmented payroll landscape in which various social secretariats are present. This often entails complex customization and integration in order to set up the Global Payroll Interface. Our expertise of the global interface in combination with our knowledge of the local payroll providers helps our customers configuring this solution as well as optimizing their payroll processes.

As an Oracle certified partner, we are happy to advise you on the optimal use of this product, fully integrated in Oracle HCM Cloud. Popay has experience in implementing the Global Payroll Interface in different countries and is also happy to assist you in setting up the Global Payroll Interface within your Oracle HCM Cloud environment.

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