Popay Belgium

Why choose Popay as HR Partner?

Our Story

POPAY Belgium is a POPAY Corporate branch. Popay Corporate is an international organisation that has been active in HR for 15 years and has more than 80 employees in the Benelux and Africa.

POPAY Belgium was started in 2010 by Werner Willems and Bert Vandenbussche (POPAY Corporate). The company grew from a traditional system integrator to a diversified HR service provider: strategic HR(IS) advice, HR process optimisation, system implementation, system supplier and payroll processing.

In 2015, popay.hr, the internally developed HR and payroll platform, was introduced to the Belgian market. Today, more than 30,000 employees use popay.hr.

In 2018, POPAY Belgium reached the next milestone: the expansion of popay.hr to include a payrolling capacity for the Belgian market. This enables POPAY Belgium to deliver a unique offer to our Belgian customers: an integrated SaaS solution for HR and payroll. This means that customers no longer have to make the difficult choice between an internal payroll or the complete outsourcing to a payroll administration office.

Our Mission

POPAY helps organisations with efficient IT solutions in the field of HR & Payroll. We provide a variety of dedicated HR products and services: personnel administration, payroll, performance & learning management, recruitment and selection, and HR analytics. Everything is aimed at automating and streamlining your personnel management. Our integrated Saas solution for HR and payroll enables you to keep payroll services in-house, or outsource them to your administration office.


POPAY cooperates with several top companies such as system integrator, business partner and / or HR innovator.

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