Payroll tailored
to your organisation


POPAY is strongly committed to expanding its payroll services based on the feedback and points of improvements we receive from the market:

Need for insight into payrolling costs

Need for flexible payrolling process

Need for extra services

Need for transparent pricing

For this, POPAY has developed a new offer whereby we offer the customer the flexibility and control of an in-house system, but not the technical hassle and integration problem: popay.Payroll, a SaaS payroll platform.

Social secretariat

An all-in-one HR service provider & social secretariat

To offer a complete service to our customers, we have a partnership with the recognized social secretariat Sodalis Leuven

  • A personal and flexible approach in a family-oriented atmosphere
  • A customer-friendly and comprehensive service through an accessible helpdesk, the Shared Service Center
  • Efficient data migration and interfacing through our experience as system integrator

Article about cooperation with Sodalis

Sodalis, secrétariat social agréé,  étend ses activités avec  une nouvelle implantation à Louvain

Shared Service Center

Popay is more than a mere supplier of an HR software platform. We are first and foremost a partner of the HR department, conducting an innovative policy.

Popay has established close partnerships with its affiliated customers, together accounting for more than 20,000 employees. These partnerships are aimed at expanding and maintaining a solid HRIS (Human Resources Information System) landscape to support an evolving and progressive HR policy.

To support our partnerships, Popay has set up a Shared Service Center, manned by a dedicated team that supports the help desk available to member organisations when they have questions or experience problems with their HR and payroll systems.

The Shared Service Center also provides additional services such as ‘Managed Payroll Services’, interim management to support the internal HR teams and technical support for system integration and expansions.

‘Managed Payroll Services’ could include, for example, the outsourcing of returns. In this case, Popay will take over one, more or all returns. If you need internal support, in-company or otherwise, you can also call on us.

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