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Optimize your HR systems?

POPAY specialises in the implementation and integration of high-end HR and payroll software.
With 25 years of experience in the Belgian HR sector, Popay is the ultimate partner for the implementation and integration of your HRIS systems.

Oracle HCM Cloud
Oracle eBS

HR Access

We always stay up to date about the latest developments in the market and work with the best products to meet your specific needs. This enables us to offer a complete solution for your HR policy, regardless of the software modules you use.

Together, we will focus on your HR questions and find a suitable answer that fits the ‘rhythm’ of your organisation. We provide support to enable continuous improvement and are ready to help you: before, during and after installation.

But we do more. You can count on us during the entire life cycle of your selected HR application. We support every aspect, ranging from purchasing, strategic and operational advice on development and configuration to operational support, training and optimisation.

Automate data exchange?

Our popay.Xchange module allows effortless connecting your current software applications and new integrated software. It provides a clear overview and understanding of the data exchange between the different systems. The system works proactively via automated notifications in the event of anomalies, at both process and data level.

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